Vintage Inspired Jelly Jar Ornaments!

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Christmas just ain’t Christmas without the ones you love!

Nothing says Christmas like the scent of Douglas Fir in the air.  This year’s tree came out beautifully, handpicked by the Hubby and Me.  In case you are wondering, my tree came straight from Home Depot. #noshade #prettygoodtrees

I hope you’re making the most of this holiday season and spending this time close to your loved ones.  Our guest rooms are filled with my Mama, family and friends;)   The last two days have been filled with kids Craft projects, Christmas tunes -playing from Bluetooth ornaments and scents of food and sweets warm the kitchen.  I’m definitely the girl who loves the Holidays!  The Christmas ambiance is always a welcomed treat!  Stockings are stuffed and all of our presents are wrapped and under the tree with the exception of those “Special Debut” gifts.   Today is Christmas Eve, and I can feel the Joy in the air!  Joy to the World!

Christmas snuck up on me this year,  however, I managed to get a cool craft project done to decorate my tree.  Check it out!   Happy Holidays to you and yours!



I Love Emeralds! New Product…


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Interior and ExteriorEven though my birthstone is Diamond & I’m from Arkansas, the diamond producing state, Emerald is my favorite precious stone.  I love the lustrous green colors and the unique qualities of the Emerald.

Being that I’ve been painting for over 15 years, I have paints and brushes I prefer.  When painting for clients I only use the best products because I need consistent results.  I’ve been a fan of the Sherwin Williams product line for quite some time now.  Whoever the marketing guru is that decided to name the new and best paint made by Sherwin Williams “Emerald” is clever maybe even genius.  The packaging is a deep rich Emerald green color.  You can’t miss it and I didn’t.  I saw the product for the first time while at the Orlando Home and Garden show in May 2012.

Great benefits of the product:  It’s sustainable!  NO not Low but NO VOC even with colorants added.  No VOC is great for kids rooms.   It’s washable in 3 finishes, matte, satin and semi gloss.  The question I get all the time is “what is the best primer and paint?”, Emerald is actually self-priming, saving you time and money. Bonus, goes on thick and smooth, not splattering or runny.  Emerald is durable, has a lifetime warranty and comes in over 1500 colors at present.  It’s a higher price point, though given the quality and consistency of the paint, you need to use less to get the desired results.  So the gallon should go a long way.

Praise God My Heart is in Arkansas


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There’s no place like home.  Born and raised in Dumas, Arkansas (“Down in the Delta” with an est. population of 5,300) is a statement I’m always willing to make.  When you meet an Arkansan, they’re proud of their roots, hard workers, “sweet as pie” and they love the color RED.  Go Razorbacks!  I make it “back home” at least twice a year.  My mom, dad, sister, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends reach far and wide across the state of Arkansas.  This past weekend I attended the 2012 Lacy Family Reunion.  Our family reunions will always take place during the 4th of July weekend every other year.  So if you’re a Lacy (Lacey), Black, White, and in between, “It’s a party!”  Reunions are necessary for a strong family unit.  It’s the time you reconnect with family that have moved all over the world, and everyone comes home for the sole purpose of having a good time with FAMILY.  My favorite thing to do in Arkansas is: eat a freshly prepared home cooked meal, it’s the business.  Needless to say, I gained few pounds.  I’m going to start tomorrow and hit my workout hard.

Arkansas is such a beautiful state. An Agricultural state better known as the Natural State.  I was raised on what is considered “Organic” food, literally from the Garden to the plate, exactly what conscious Americans are striving for today.  I’m hardly ever sick.

 Arkansas is home to the world’s largest marketer of rice.  Arkansas also produces Soybeans, Corn, Cotton, *Purple Hull Peas*, Turkey (Produces 43 million of Turkeys eaten on Thanksgiving), Beef, Chickens, the best Catfish, Diamonds, Natural Gas, natural hot springs, good looking men and women, you name it Arkansas has it.  Have you ever had the pleasure of eating Purple Hull Peas?  If not, have some at my Mama’s house. They’re the good looking sister of Black Eyed Pea, they freeze well too.  Whoo Honey Child and the Catfish!  I thought about slapping my mama once or twice, it’s so good.  Arkansas provides an honest, simple, and comfortable life with good ole Country folks.Arkansas is one of the few states not devastated by the recession, we survived.    The state of Arkansas is pumping a lot of money into education from Pre-K to High School and has a statewide lottery which funds scholarships to 2-4 year colleges.  Arkansas is interesting in the fact that even though it’s the South and you know you’re in the south when you’re there, it’s progressive and sophisticated.  Douglas Blackmon said it best “Arkansas often strikes a comfortable balance between being deeply Southern and not-quite-so Southern.  It’s a place with cultural sophistication even though it’s still kind of country.” Tooting my own horn, I’m pretty Well Rounded – fashionista who never meets a stranger, who can cook to feed an army, clean, decorate, design, dig, love, laugh, and cry all in one whop!

Look on the back of a Quarter with “Arkansas” engraved in it and tell me what you see!  Go down there and see for yourself!