About Kimberly Lacy

Hey and Welcome to my Blog!  Many of you have seen me on HGTV’s “Curb Appeal: the block”.  Here you will find information on just about anything from random thoughts (i tend to have a lot of), info on new products, expert tips on painting techniques, landscaping,  and home decor ideas. 

My brief Bio:

Kimberly Lacy started her television career as the Production Coordinator on HGTV’s Atlanta and Washington DC Series’ of “Designed to Sell” (DTS).  Behind the scenes Kimberly was Lead painter for all DTS makeovers; which led to on-camera opportunities to give paint tips, techniques, and demonstrations. Kimberly’s talent, charisma, and drive caught the attention of network executives, and she was then cast as the Project Manager/Co-host of HGTV’s new hit show “Curb Appeal: the Block” filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.  On the show Kimberly plays herself, a spunky out-spoken co-host, alongside Host/Designer, John Gidding, and Contractor, Chip Wade.  While the first season of the show had dazzling curb appeal makeovers, the currently televised second season has by far raised the bar.  Kimberly’s gift of light hearted humor, down home goodness and her infectious (We can do it) attitude, has contributed to her success and role on the upcoming third and fourth seasons of “Curb Appeal: the block” that will be filmed in San Francisco.  In Kimberly’s spare time, she operates her Artisan paint and landscape design company; Anatomy of Design.

15 thoughts on “About Kimberly Lacy”

  1. Hi Kimberly! I am wondering if you would be available to do 2 inspirational talks to a Calif. Community College — Our students and BSU, plus staff (at a flex/ educational day) could really use some uplifting, and I dreamt you were the one to do it! If we televised it, perhaps it could be a message of hope to California in this budget crisis (and help keep the cost low?? since we have no money…) . I’m sure the 114 California Community Colleges would love to have a DVD of the presentation to share with their students and staff! I am Sharon Gach, Admin. Asst., President’s Office, Las Positas College, 925.424.1001.

    • Kim,
      I work at one of those 114 California Community Colleges, Merced Community College, as the Access/AltMedia Specialist. I think an inspirational talk from you would be great. It could be done electronically, live, and all of us could benefit from it, and the cost could be kept to a minimum. Most of the schools are on the same academic schedule, which means instruction for our fall semester begins August 15th, 2011. Most of us have convocation/flex days the Thursday or Friday prior to the start of semester. Please consider it…also we all have flex days in January prior to the start of Spring semester.

  2. Carmen Skelton said:

    I love the show but I have been waiting and waiting for you guys to do a house similar to mine. Which is L shaped with the garage on the shorter tail of the L. Could you take this into consideration the next time you all pick a house Ü Thx keep up the good work!!!

  3. Hi again, Yes, Laura Ingram is right, we could all benefit from a telecast! For our purposes though, August this year is already pre-planned, but perhaps something in Jan. or Aug. 2012 would work? LPC has a flex day in March, and if that were taped people could watch at any time for their own meetings. Thanks Laura, great idea! Sharon G.

  4. Laura Ingram said:

    I imagine we are booked for August Flex days as well…and January 2012 would be great. Come on everybody, let’s talk Kimberly into it. I think she would love the California Community Colleges as a forum.

  5. s

  6. Kimberly my husband and I love your hair and want to know what style of braids are they. He thinks I may look good with them as well. Are they easy to upkeep? Winona

  7. angela harper said:

    Hi Kim,
    I need your help! I just purchased a home in California and I am in need of landscaping ideas for both the front and the rear of the home. I would really like to send photos of the property so that you can take a look. This house needs some curb appeal. Thanks

  8. Donna Archibald said:

    Hi Kimberly, are you ever coming back to Atlanta to do homes?


    Hi Kimberly. I don’t know if you will receive this message or not but my husband is a disabled veteran and we desperately need your help work our front and beck yard. Dug it up to replace plumbing. Extenuating circumstances. Have budget. Grateful for returned call. .husband is a huge fan!

  10. Hi Kimberly. I’ve been a super fan of HGTV for many many years …and always have a passion for revising inside and outside home /curb appeal. I wonder if you have any suggestions for me and the world ..as I want to move into the direction from corporate world into either flipping homes / becoming a interior /exterior designer. Do I necessary have to go back to school or can I go under someone wing and they coach me into a passionate dream of mine. I also like staging homes. In fact I’ve asked several friends can I possible help with there home but no one wants to give me a try until they come into my home and see my design. 🙂 … Please help. I really want to get my foot in the door. Thanks for listening.
    Tina G

  11. Hi Kimberly, I would like to know if you’re open for mentoring. I am a realtor and home lifestyle expert building my brand in the midst of this pandemic. Check out my blog and press segments at http://www.LisaMarieGrant.com. I am in the Washington,DC area. Thank you.

  12. Good morning, have you ever worked on homes in LaGrange, Georgia? I would love it if I could send you some pictures of my home. However, it would really be a big deal if you could bring your crew to my neighborhood. I’m somewhat in my mid young age and most of the neighbors are older. I know at least on neighbor could really use your help. I’m also new to the area and I could use some cool points at this time, since my yard has been in a mess since April 2019. This home was on the market for about 10 years. Please help my yard if you can!!!

    Thank you so much,

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